22 May 2022, Sunday, 0:59
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Jacek Protasiewicz: EP won’t close eyes to repressions in Belarus


Jacek Protasiewicz, one of the authors of the EP’s resolution on Belarus, pointed out two main aspects of the document.

“The European Parliament expresses its concern over the recent growth of repressions in Belarus, in particular repressions against young opposition activists. We’d like to show the Belarusian authorities and Belarusian society with the help of this resolution that we are keeping an eye on the situation in the country. We see that the things are bad and are not going to ignore this. Belarus’s invitation to the Eastern Partnership programme doesn’t mean we will close eyes to facts that human rights, freedoms, and democracy are blatantly violated and restricted,” Jacek Protasiewicz told in an interview to Radio Svaboda.

According to the Polish MEP, further cooperation between the EU and Belarus in the frames of the Euronest Assembly will depend on a reaction of the Belarusian authorities to the resolution adopted.

“The EP expressed his clear position: Belarus’s participation in the Euronest Assembly can be reduced to observing and the Belarusian delegation should include opposition members unless free and fair elections are carried out in Belarus. It’s difficult to say whether this will be five opposition figures or five MPs, because we do not know a reaction of the Belarusian authorities. The delegation may consist of 10 representatives of the democratic opposition. Due to the resolution we have a formal mandate on behalf of the whole parliament to make a proposal to the Belarusian opposition and authorities. Both groups will be represented in the Euronest Assembly if they agree,” Jacek Protasiewicz said.