14 December 2019, Saturday, 11:06
The Wait Is Nearly Over

Paleckis: Mink should be reminded about international standards

The European Commission should demand Belarus to fulfil international standards on EPP constructing, if there are any doubts in safety of the project.

Lithuanian MEP Justas Paleckis said this after a visit of the EP official delegation to Belarus. The Lithuania’s representative believes an issue of safety of EPP construction in Belarus is a problem for the whole European Union, ru.DELFI.lt reports.

“The European Commission promises to watch decisions relating the nuclear power plant, and Lithuania should remind Brussels about this,” the MEP said.

According to the social democrat, Lithuania should put this item on Brussels’ agenda.

“The EU countries and other countries do not have the right to forbid or stop building a nuclear power plant in Belarus, but the Aarhus Convention and instruments of EU–Belarus relations give an opportunity to control how security guarantees of planning and construction works are observed,” Paleckis said.

The Aarhus Convention guarantees public participation in governmental decision-making processes on matters concerning construction of such objects, which hasn’t been fulfilled din Belarus, the ME says in his statement.

The politician says that Belarusian NGO representatives told him about violations of international ecological norms at the EPP contraction site near the Lithuanian border and unsatisfactory level of EIA.

NGO activists noted that the EPP, which is under construction now, wasn’t tested, environmental control wasn’t secured, so there is a danger of radioactive contamination of the Neris River.

Paleckis also criticized presentation of the EIA of the Belarusian nuclear power plant organized by the Ministry of Environment of Lithuania.

According to him, the Ministry didn’t observe principles of the Aarhus Convention requiring information about assessment of the EPP to be available and simple. Paleckis noted that the public hadn’t received enough information about the hearing, which was held in unsuitable premises, moreover, interpretation was bad.

“Unfortunately, this public hearing reminds that held in Astravets, Belarus,” Paleckis said.

The MEP is a member of the EP Committee on the Environment and the Delegation for relations with Belarus.