31 March 2020, Tuesday, 22:35
People’s Quarantine

Andrei Sannikov: “Belarusian dictator must resign”


Only one person has responsibility for today’s problems with energy supply in Belarus.

“Once again we have become convinced that Lukashenka’s regime is not simply a bankrupt, but it poses a serious threat to the nation of Belarus. Because of the actions of the Belarusian dictator, the foreign debt of Belarus is soaring, the situation in the economy is deteriorating and standards of living of most people are decreasing. Only Lukashenka is to blame for the gas price increase and demands to pay indebtedness,” stated the leader of “European Belarus” civil campaign Andrei Sannikov.

As said by the politician, over the recent years nothing was done to analyze seriously the crisis and take steps to adopt the Belarusian economy to the crisis conditions.

“As a result of the actions of the dictator, Belarus has found itself in the most difficult situation among all the countries of the region. Absence energy resources alternative to Russian has caused the situation when we would have to pay for oil and gas more than all other countries of Europe, if we compare it with real income per capita. There is only one way out – Lukashenka’s resignation and implementing radical economic and political reforms in Belarus,” the leader of “European Belarus” is convinced.