21 September 2020, Monday, 4:10
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State Duma deputies to Lukashenka: “You must consult a doctor!”


Russian-Belarusian “war” has been commented by Russian deputies.

A member of the Federation Council of Russia Valery Parfyonov said to Interfax that actions of Moscow seem abrupt only at first glance. “These actions are justified. For all these years Mister Lukashenka manipulated Russia for the sake of his own economic interests, giving empty promises. Many dozens of examples could be cites for that. So the reaction of Russia to Mister Lukashenka’s conduct is a reaction of right warning,” Parfyonov said. As said by him, the Belarusian ruler should receive it correctly and to be guided by interests of the nation, and not by his personal interests. “And interests of the nation are the following: without assistance, economic support of Russia Belarus would not be able to merely survive,” Parfyonov believes.

Observers remind that on the next day after the swordplay between Minsk and Moscow NTV channel (Russia) broadcast “Godbatka-3” film with sharp criticism against Lukashenka and his entourage.

Criticism against Lukashenka was supported by a deputy of the State Duma, director of the Institute of the CIS countries Konstantin Zatulin, and chairman of the committee of the State Duma for the CIS and relations with Russian nationals abroad Alexei Ostrovski. “Kommersant” quotes the words of Zatulin who stated: “The union state, in fact continues its virtual existence and is nothing more. Lukashenka does not give chances to find any positive moments. It is clear that the paths of Russian and Belarusian governments are diverging more and more. And Russia has obviously come to the conclusion that there would be no rapprochement under Lukashenka”.

In the conversation with “Kommersant” Ostrovski said even harsher: “Alyaksandr Lukashenka’s characteristic trait is giving empty promises. He says what the receiving side wants to hear, and these promises are never realized. It is a waste of time to comment on his new statements. Only one comment is possible here: he must consult a doctor”.

In his turn, the leader of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia (LDPR) Vladimir Zhirinovsky believes that the situation in the county can change in the beginning of the next year already. According to him, the aim of “propaganda invectives and propaganda exposures” is to make the January presidential elections in Belarus to be held in the freest manner. “And there is a hope that Lukashenka will lose. The population of Belarus is dissatisfied already,” Zhirinovsky believes.