21 January 2020, Tuesday, 7:56
The Wait Is Nearly Over

Lithuanian Prime Minister: Plans of Belarus’s plans of nuclear power plant construction remain vague


On Sunday Lithuanian Prime Minister Andrius Kubilius visited a construction site near the border of Lithuania, where Belarus plans to build a nuclear power plant.

Lithuanian Prime Minister Andrius Kubilius said that plans of the neighbouring countries still remain very vague, Interfax reports.

According to impressions of the prime minister, there is some preparatory work in Astravets district, but Belarusians failed to persuade him that all plans would be realized in full. “We seemed to see some site preparation, but it is more of the initial stage, and one cannot say that the work is in full swing and it cannot be stopped,” BSN was told after the visit of A. Kubilius to the construction site.

The prime minister repeated that he hopes that success of the Lithuanian project for construction of a new nuclear power plant could change plans of both Belarus and Russia, which intends to build a nuclear power plant in the Kaliningrad region.

“Plans of our neighbours are not completely clear for me yet,” said the head of the Lithuanian government.

“So far we witnessed efforts of our neighbours in the sphere of competition, or efforts to demonstrate some construction veneer. Our neighbours build a power plant near our borders, as if targeting our markets. In November we will have a strategic investor, and it seems to me that in case our plans would be realized successfully, neighbours would have to change their plans drastically,” A. Kubilius said.

“We have attracted attention of Belarusians that it is not enough just to mix concrete and build reactors; it is no less important to provide safety control and legal regulatory activities, monitoring by the IAEA,” Prime Minister said.