30 October 2020, Friday, 12:56
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Roman Bessmertnyi: Russia Prepares Conflicts In Belarus, Kazakhstan

Roman Bessmertnyi: Russia Prepares Conflicts In Belarus, Kazakhstan

According to the former Ambassador of Ukraine in Minsk, Belarusians should be prepared for a counter-stand.

Belarus and Kazakhstan will become the next countries where Russia will start new conflicts as the Kremlin needs another “instability” to interfere.

Ukraine’s representative in the political subgroup of the Trilateral Contact Group Roman Bessmertnyi has said this in an interview to “Espresso”.

- You used to be an Ambassador in Belarus and continue closely watching the situation in this country, as well as in Kazakhstan. You have already warned about the danger that these countries might come across the same aggression from the Kremlin, as we do now. Do you have an impression that we are most likely to eventually face another corps of the Russian army in, for instance, Belarus?

- I have practically no doubts that Belarusians should be prepared for a counter-stand. Moreover, not just a counter-stand, but a conflict with Russia. What I do see now, when the two western regions, Hrodna and Brest, are referred to as the Western world as they are Catholics, and the eastern regions – Homel, Vitsebsk, Brest – as the “Russian world”, and more and more often there appear the leaflets of the “Russian world” etc.

The situation in Kazakhstan is even worse, as the northern regions seem Russian-speaking, and the past conflicts only confirmed this. So, if we take this chain and pay attention to the latest link, I would say so “decrees in a pig voice of the Transdniester President”. Who needed them now?

- The Russian Federation…

- Absolutely right. Transdniester does not need them, but the Russian Federation does. This means, Kremlin will try to stir the situation anyway, and this is already being broadly discussed both in Belarus and Kazakhstan.

Why? Because Putin needs instability. Look, undermining the situation in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Belarus and the war in Ukraine, at the background of the mobilization of the electorate for the elections in Russia make the Kremlin’s shares grow.

I'm not even talking about Syria, Transdniester, Nagorno-Karabakh, Turkey, the terrorist attacks in Europe, the Great Migration of North Africa people, which is happening now.

- That is, we cannot expect soothing but, rather, escalating of the situation?

- Unfortunately, this situation is just going to exacerbate, and while most of the European politicians are not aware of the danger posed by the Kremlin with the current situation.

We remind, Roman Bessmertnyi suggested earlier that the Belarusian army will not resist in case of the Russian aggression.