30 September 2022, Friday, 12:54
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48 Activists And Journalists Detained Across Belarus For Marches Of Disgruntled Belarusians

48 Activists And Journalists Detained Across Belarus For Marches Of Disgruntled Belarusians

Several dozen people has been detained in various cities of Belarus over the past three days.

From Friday to Sunday, protests took place in Maladzechna, Pinsk, Brest, Babruisk, Vorsha and Rahachou. Before and after the events, the police and people in civilian clothes detained politicians, activists and journalists, Radio Svaboda informs.

Vorsha – 18 people

On March 12, co-chairman of the BCD Pavel Seviarynets and his driver Ihar Nirman were detained after the rally against the decree on parasites in Vorsha. At the same time, the police detained Radio Svaboda journalist Halina Abakunchyk, BelaPAN photographer Andrei Shauliuh and blogger Anastassia Piliuhina – they were taken to the Vorsha police department.

Later, policemen stopped a car with Belsat journalists, they drew up an administrative report against operator Aliaksandr Barazenka. The Belsat crew went to the police department, tried to conduct an interview with detained Pavel Seviarynets in the building – as the result, the police detained journalist Katsiaryna Bakhvalava in a live broadcast.

Journalists of NN, tut.by and People's News Of Vitsebsk, BelaPAN were detained for ID checks even before the beginning of the "March of Non-Parasites".

Vorsha activists Ihar Hryshanau, Viktar Mikhaseu and Viktar Andreyeu, Yauhen Anishchanka were also detained in Vorsha. Social networks reported on the detention of other active protesters, but there is no exact information about it yet.

Civil activists from Horki Andrei Yurkou and Valery Kisialevich were detained after the rally in Vorsha as well.

Babruisk – 5 people

At least four people were detained in Babruisk at night from 10 to 11 March. Film director Maksim Buinitski and Aliaksei Romanau were taken to the Pervamaiski district police department of Babruisk. Also it became known about the detainees Maksim Lubinski and Volha Audzeichyk.

Halina Smirnova, a REP trade union department head and UCP activist, was detained before the rally on March 12.

Kobryn – 2 people

On March 11, Ales Mekh and Vasil Andreyuk were detained in Kobryn, the human rights center Viasna reports. They were going to the Brest rally by car. The police stopped them to check whether the car was wanted, and took them to the Kobryn district police department.

Brest – 6 people

At night from 10 to 11 March, police detained 43-year-old Uladzimir Asinchanka. The man was detained for distributing leaflets with an appeal to go to the "March of the Non-Parasites" in Brest on Sunday.

Also in the evening of March 10, the police once more detained three anarchists, who had already done a day for participation in the preliminary march in Brest on March 5: Andrei Dzianiushkin, Ruslan Khalikau and Dzmitry Liauchuk.

In the morning of March 12, it became known that bloggers Dzmitry Harbunou and Siarhei Piatrukhin were detained in the city.

Luninets – 3 people

Public activists from Mikashevichy Leanid Dubanosau, Vital Kalasiuk and Aliaksandr Niaudakha were preventively detained at the railway station in Luninets.

Maladzechna – 15 people

On March 10, 15 people were detained in Maladzechna after the "March of Non-Parasites". Among them: Chairman of the UCP Anatol Liabedzka, chairman of the Movement for Freedom Yury Hubarevich, co-chairman of the BCD Vital Rymasheuski, activist of the Christian Democratic movement Volha Kavalkova, UCP activist Dzianis Krasachka, and BelaPAN journalist Siarhei Karalievich (he was released in the evening). The trials of the detainees were held on Saturday. They were sentenced to 5 – 15 days of imprisonment or fines.