24 March 2019, Sunday, 8:58
A Challenge for Everyone

Lukashenka: There Are Two Russian Bases In Belarus


The dictator has stated that the Russian Federation’s military objects are operating in our country absolutely free of charge.

Two Russian military objects can remain on the territory of Belarus on a free basis, Lukashenka has said during the press-conference with the Russian media in Minsk, Interfax reports.

“We have two Russian bases (military objects – edit.), they pay zero rubles, zero kapeykas to us. The term of lease is expiring. We are negotiating, I don’t even raise the issue of payment,” Lukashenka said.

Since 1995, two Russian military bases have been deployed in Belarus - the 43rd communications center of the Russian Navy “Vileyka” (“Antey” radio station) and the Volga radar station of the decimeter range (“Baranavichy knot”) as part of the Russian missile attack warning system.