28 November 2020, Saturday, 19:26
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Protesters In Minsk Pass Their Demands To Russian Embassy

Protesters In Minsk Pass Their Demands To Russian Embassy

The resolution says Belarusians will fight for their sovereignty.

The protests against the so-called “integration” of Belarus and Russia have been taking place for the second day in a row today in Minsk.

The protesters in Minsk have marches through the city, and passed their demands to the Embassy of the Russian Federation.

The resolution declares the decisive protest against the so-called “deep integration” of Belarus and Russia, the signing of “road maps”; states the illegitimacy of any agreements, or secret protocols, that the representatives of the regimes of Belarus and Russia may sign. Belarusians will not recognize the agreements signed by dictators Lukashenka and Putin and their proxies, and will not obey them. The action participants urge the international community to solidify with the Belarusian people, not to recognize the mentioned agreements as legitimate, and to impose sanctions for their signing. Belarusians will seek the return of their rights and freedoms.

“We have warned the country that is aggressive against its neighbors that Belarus will not tolerate any agreements, despite Lukashenka’s position, and that Belarusians will fight for their independence and sovereignty to the end,” said leader of the Razam movement Viachaslau Siuchyk.