24 January 2021, Sunday, 15:28
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Orthodox Archbishop Excommunicated Lukashenka And Anathematized Him

Orthodox Archbishop Excommunicated Lukashenka And Anathematized Him

The archbishop has called on those who still serves his satanic power not to obey criminal orders.

The head of the Belarusian Orthodox Autocephalous Church, Archbishop Sviataslau Lahin has cursed Aliaksandr Lukashenka and excommunicated him yesterday during a service in the Cathedral of St. Kirill of Turov in Toronto, Radio Svaboda reports.

During the service in the cathedral, in the presence of the faithful, Archbishop Sviataslau Lahin read "Bishop's Message Announcing Anathema to Former President Aliaksandr Lukashenka - Dictator, Murderer and Torturer of the Pious Belarusian People".

The text of the excommunication is called "ANATHEMA to Former President Aliaksandr Lukashenka Who Commits Lawlessness, Persecutes and Kills Orthodox and Other Peaceful Christians for the Truth in Belarus".

At the beginning of the excommunication, it was said that

"The pious Belarusian people are now going through a difficult time, when by order of the impostor - former president Aliaksandr Lukashenka, obsessed with the devil, our children are killing and abusing our brothers and sisters. This executioner and his allies are committing massacres in the streets and prisons in the capital city of Minsk and in various cities and towns of long-suffering Belarus, glorifying and continuing the God-fearing policy of the Bolsheviks, openly violating the commandments of God, destroying monuments...

Then, Archbishop Lahin says:

"The Church is a spiritual and non-political institution, teaching the congregation to fight for truth; it cannot just observe the genocide suffered by Belarusians, but must, according to the Holy Teachings of Christ, be the conscience of its people, forcing us to proclaim the following:

By the power given to us by God, we excommunicate from the Holy Orthodox Church and proclaim anathema to former president Aliaksandr Lukashenka, who, although he bears a Christian name, belongs to the Orthodox Church only by birth, and prohibit him from approaching the Sacraments of Christ, and mentioning him in Orthodox services and prayers until he fully repents to the Church and the Belarusian people. We call on those who still serve his satanic authority not to obey criminal orders, because otherwise you will be cursed by your descendants in earthly life, and hell awaits you in heavenly life ...".

The address also says that the Archbishop and priests of the BAOC pray "for the health of the wounded and prisoners, as well as for the repose of the murdered peaceful demonstrators - defenders of Belarus, whose suffering and sacrifice are not in vain, who inspire their compatriots to resist evil and deceive for the sake of the good, the freedom and independence of our Motherland".