7 December 2023, Thursday, 7:03
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Invaders Fleeing From Trenches: Ukrainian Fighter Names Super-Weapon That Causes Panic Among Russians

Invaders Fleeing From Trenches: Ukrainian Fighter Names Super-Weapon That Causes Panic Among Russians

It is more effective than the legendary HIMARS.

Ukrainian defenders using kamikaze drones can inflict even greater damage on the Russian occupiers. So-called FPV drones today not only burn enemy equipment, but also “smoke out” invaders from their positions.

A Ukrainian Armed Forces serviceman and tactical medic Yehor Firsov told Channel 24 about this, adding that such weapons have many other advantages.

“The guys say that the FPV drone is now the most effective weapon for knocking the enemy out of the trench. The drone is as accurate as possible; it can fly into the entrance of the dugout. Even if an occupier is not killed or injured, the drone carries a thermobaric charge, they cannot withstand such a load and run away from the trench,” Firsov said.

According to him, there have already been many cases when Ukrainian attack aircraft, after a proper fire fight with kamikaze drones, entered almost empty positions and occupied them.

“I believe that we will have more of these kamikaze drones and we will be able to carry out counter-offensive actions much better,” said the Ukrainian Armed Forces fighter.

He emphasized that the advantage of kamikaze drones is that they are accurate, cheap, and one can quickly learn to control them.

“Regarding other weapons, there are many types, but the question is primarily in price, limited quantity and speed of delivery. Of course, HIMARS is very effective, but it costs millions of dollars, ammunition costs hundreds of thousands, and they don’t sell us in significant quantities,” the serviceman noted.

Firsov also said that the M777 long-range howitzer is very effective, since it can strike at a distance of 30 km and hit the target accurately. In addition, it is made from titanium ore, which makes it 3 or 4 tons lighter than its counterparts.

“From my previous profession, I know that Ukraine has huge reserves of titanium ore. If not howitzers, then the components for them that fail and which we are forced to send abroad, we could make ourselves, because we have the raw materials,” the serviceman emphasized.

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