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Dzianis Urbanovich: We Could Fight For One House In Klishchiivka For A Week

Dzianis Urbanovich: We Could Fight For One House In Klishchiivka For A Week

The Kalinouski Regiment fighter told how he liberated an important settlement near Bakhmut.

Dzianis Urbanovich was wounded five times during the year and a half of the war. However, he is going to return to the front even after the last wound, which he received in Klishchiivka. The 34-year-old warrior commands a combat group in the battalion of Belarusian volunteers “Volat” of the Kastus Kalinouski regiment.

Ten days after being wounded, he was able to hear again, and Nasha Niva asked him about the battle and the situation at the front.

Dzianis Urbanovich (his call sign “Vaúkałak”) says that he was last wounded in the battle near the village of Klishchiivka, south of the city of Bakhmut, when the group he led stormed Russian positions.

The enemy hit the unit with direct fire with LNG-9 grenade launchers from three sides. But all the same, the Russian trenches were captured.

The battle near Klishchiivka took place on September 10. No one from Urbanovich's group was killed, but several soldiers, as well as their commander, were wounded.

The leader of the Young Front was wounded when the shelling of the recaptured trenches intensified.

A shell fragment hit him in the arm from the inside, near the artery. He managed to stop the bleeding and stay in the fight. The fighter was saved from more serious injuries by his ammunition. Thanks to it, one of the fragments did not penetrate the pouch, but remained in the body armor. Several more left scratches and bruises.

“I thought I wouldn’t get out of there,” Dzianis admits. “I thought that the Russians would rush to our positions and shoot us, but we managed to fight back. We destroyed those who were thrown to attack us. There were about a dozen of them. We held our position. The task was completed. There were Belarusians and Ukrainians in the group.”

At the hospital, Urbanovich was diagnosed with severe concussion. The eardrum of his right ear was ruptured and his left ear was deafened. Only after a week of hospitalization did the fighter begin to hear. In addition, he continues to heal from a shrapnel wound to his arm.

“This is not my first concussion, and my ears have suffered a lot. The doctors said that I needed to be quiet for a month and a half. No shooting,” says Dzianis. “Now, one might say, my health is simply excellent. I began to hear. Before, it was like I was in a vacuum. The wound on my arm has healed. The hole will be as big as a finger, but nothing can be done. It’s on the left hand, but now it will be on the right.”

According to Dzianis, on September 21, doctors allowed him to undergo treatment at home.

Urbanovich says military leaders thanked his group for liberating 270 meters of Ukrainian territory.

“There we have already advanced 500 meters. We had to fight hard for every meter. For example, we could fight for one house in Klishchiivka for a week. And there were losses,” says Dzianis.

On September 17, the command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine officially announced the liberation of Klishchiivka, a village in the Bakhmut direction in the Donetsk region.

Dzianis Urbanovich, a 34-year-old native of the village of Mikhalkovichy, Lahoisk district, survived five wounds during the war. After each one he returned to the front. He plans to do the same this time.

He says he doesn't have to be on the front lines. As the group commander of the Volat battalion, he needs to distribute tasks among his subordinates and monitor their implementation.

“I have command functions, but sometimes the situation requires my participation in battle. I went out to the last one because it was very hot,” explains Dzianis.

He notes that now he will devote more time to training new recruits. But if necessary, he will go to the front line without hesitation.

Dzianis Urbanovich recalls that in the recaptured trenches near Klishchiivka there were many killed Russian soldiers. Corpses lay everywhere. The stench was unbearable.

According to him, among those killed were Wagnerites from the Sturm Z battalion, who signed contracts with the Russian Ministry of Defense, as well as many mobilized from the “DPR” and “LPR”.

“I wouldn’t say that morons are fighting against us,” sums up Dzianis Urbanovich. “Their positions are wisely arranged. When they go into battle, they know what they are doing.”

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