11 December 2019, Wednesday, 22:34
The Wait Is Nearly Over

French Secretary of State Rama Yade: “Easing of sanctions is not a compromise with human rights”


Rama Yade, Secretary of State of France in charge of foreign affairs and human rights, said that the European Union didn’t compromise in human rights sector by lifting sanctions.

Ms Rama Yade emphasised:

“Europe strives for further progress in Uzbekistan and Belarus. There were some gestures, - release of some prisoners. Europe makes a gesture in response. But we expect something more from these countries. Last week, I received a message from the Human Rights Watch, whose representative wasn’t able to obtain accreditation in Uzbekistan. The same is in Belarus. We don’t surrender human rights, vice versa. We think such gestures can promote changes in Belarus and Uzbekistan. If nothing is made in response, we will draw our conclusions. Our aim is release of political prisoners to be released, more freedom of expression. We are conducting a hard dialog, which doesn’t compromise with human rights.”

Ms Rama Yade said it during her first visit to Paris headquarters of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty