10 December 2022, Saturday, 8:29
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Ihar Alinevich: Authorities need person to “eat himself”

Ihar Alinevich: Authorities need person to “eat himself”

Political prisoner Ihar Alinevich doesn't receive all letters.

Charter97.org has learnt it from his mother Valiantsina Alinevich.

“I received a letter from Ihar yesterday. He writes he read about my dismissal. He writes he worried at first, but then felt relief. He adds I shouldn't worry and concentrate on problems, because the authorities need a person to 'eat himself,'” the political prisoner's mother said.

She adds she receives letters with a delay, but her son doesn't get all letters.

“Ihar wrote on August 7 and I received the letter only yesterday. He writes he doesn't have all letters from his friends. I see on a postmark that the letter was sent on August 7, it arrived in Minsk on August 10 and was delivered to us only on August 13. It means that censors read letters,” Valiantsina Alinevich is confident.

On May 27, 2011, judge of Minsk's Zavadski district court Zhanna Khvainitskaya sentenced Ihar Alinevich to 8 years in a medium security correctional colony. He serves his term in Navapolatsk correctional colony No. 10, which is famous for its strict confinement conditions. Mikalai Dziadok, Aliaksandr Frantskevich and he were accused of organising a procession near the Ministry of Defence, carrying out attacks on the casino Shangri La and a detention centre, setting the doors of a Belarusbank office on fire.