24 November 2017, Friday, 10:15

Lukashenka: Statkevich is not a politician for me, I swear by my children


The dictator stated he did not intend to free the former presidential contender Mikalai Statkevich.

"Statkevich is not a politician for me. I swear by my children. One does not need to reproach me he is my political competitor. Well, he went out at the elections", Lukashenka declared on Thursday at the press conference in Minsk.

"Is there anything people remember about Statkevich? I cannot remember any creative part of his campaign. Do not make of him a significant figure", he continued.

Lukashenka stressed that "we have both all the records and shots when he attacked". "This is a crime in any country. Okay, never mind. One does not need to say he is a political prisoner. He committed a crime", the dictator said.

"A law is a law. Releasing Statkevich, I will have to give a pardon for a half of colony then", he stated.