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Сим сим, Хартия 97!
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joga, 15:29, 21.07

I visted the concentration camp Mauthausen (Austria) in the secon week of July 2010. Inside the memorial was a huge moment, erected for an upright Belarusian citizen who was fighting for human dignity with all means he had - even with his own life. The monument of this hero is standing as a symbol for to remember all people who are imprisoned and humiliated by any unjust regime.

By incident I met in Mauthausen a woman who came from Belarus - and we had a short conversation. She told me: "Each child in Belarus knows this man - and there are streets named after him all over Belarus." I asked her: "Why don't hear Belarusian children about prisoners like Mikalai Autukhovich?" The Belarusian woman, she studied history in Grodno, asked me in return: "Who is Mikalai Autukhovich?"

Once again I learned: people in Belarus don't know what is going on in their motherland - they only know what the regime and it's mass media allows citizens to know. Exactly the same information control happend in Austria under the Hitler regime and it's supporters 70 years ago.

One of my dreams is to visit the Mauthausen memorial together with Mikalai Autukhovich, when Belarus has overcome it's unjust regime - and I hope this will happen soon.

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Tanya, 23:32, 4.09

I also hope this will happen soon. There's such a huge pain in my heart when I think about people, who are imprisoned by Lukashenko's regime.

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