23 July 2019, Tuesday, 21:39
We are in the same boat

General Frolov: “Candidates’ parade should be stopped”


General Valery Fralou reflects on the upcoming election campaign.

The deputy of the “chamber of representatives” of the second convocation has answered questions of charter97.org.

- On the day when the date of the presidential elections was announced, you said that by the end of the week you would make a decision about your nomination. What is our decision?

- By force of certain circumstances I won’t run for presidency personally. I have had enough time sitting in presidiums, I was a general and a deputy, I understand very well what a colossal responsibility it is to become a president in such a chaotic time for our country. I have never feared responsibility, but one needs possibilities, not only a desire. I was thinking a lot, who of our candidates looks more promising for me. I always chose two candidates, Andrei Sannikov and Uladzimir Nyaklyaeu. But I always said that the country needs primarily a president who is a high-ranking official, who knows the mechanism of the state’s functioning. From this point of view, Sannikov is preferable. He is a man who was going about his usual business all the time, a very necessary business. He looks as the most attractive and promising candidate. So I will try to engage my people in support of Mr Sannikov.

- You have stated that rather many activists are ready to join your initiative group. Will these people work for Sannikov?

- Personal contacts always prevail in choosing a decision. With the help of good relations I will try to make them agree with my choice. These people were not attending protest rallies, but they have their opinion, they are rather serious people. The moment is crucial for our country. If Belarus won’t be headed by a high-ranking official like Andrei Sannikov, the country may face even harsher problems. We must work a lot, restore normal relations with Russia, Europe, with the entire civilized world. Sannikov will be able to do that.

- What is your vision of the developments in connection with the presidential elections?

- If there would be rigged election results, the square is not excluded. Everything is to depend on the degree to which the candidates would find it possible to pool efforts for the sake of the country’s interests. It is clear that the election will be held by the authorities under the previous scenario. There is hope that the new situation around Belarus would create more favourable conditions for the election. Europe will observe, there will be no “amen” from the CIS. And if the candidates would work conscientiously and would be able to inspire their supporters, there will be the Square. And in general, I believe that the parade of the candidates should be stopped. Ambitions should be put on the back burner. Everyone must work for our common Victory.