29 June 2022, Wednesday, 7:27
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Last trade union activist being fired from Granit

Last trade union activist being fired from Granit

The administration of Granit intends to get rid of the last activist of the independent trade union Leanid Dubanosau.

The only fact that is he on vacation is saving the excavator operator from dismissal.

This information was confirmed for charter97.org by the head of the department of the independent trade union of the Granit enterprise, located in Mikashevichy, Aleh Stakhaevich.

“Representatives of the enterprise’s administration are actually looking for Dubanosau and are trying to make he show up at the human resources department, where he most likely will be informed about the cancellation of the labor contract, - Stakhaevich said. – But Leanid is on vacation now. That is why the issue of his dismissal is being postponed until the end of April”.

It is yet unknown what reason will officially be stated for the dismissal, but Leanid Dubanosau (in the picture) was previously demanded to refuse paying membership fees to the independent trade union via Granit’s accounts department, promising to find grounds to cancel the labor contract otherwise. It is notable that Dubanosau has been working for the Mikashevichy enterprise for over 10 years already and never had any reprimands on the part of the administration, but recently reprimands started coming almost every day. Leanid directly connects that to his participation in the local organization of the Belarusian independent trade union.

As Aleh Stakhaevich told, the excavator operator Dubanosau remains the last activist of the trade union organization, who keeps working immediately at the Granit enterprise. According to Stakhaevich, the most active members of the independent trade union were fired from the moment of the creation of the trade union organization at the enterprise – Stakhaevich, Mikalaj Karyshau and his wife Margarita, Genadz Paulouski, Vital Pashechka, Ludmila Licvinka, and as of 1 April such a fate came to her husband Anatol, who was the organization’s secretary and treasurer.

We would remind that at the end of 2011 600 worker of Granit stated their quitting the official trade union organization, active at the enterprise, and proclaimed an intention to create an alternative structure of the Belarusian independent trade union, which would actually stand for their rights. However they have not been able to register the independent trade union since a legal address is required for that, but the enterprise’s administration refuses to provide premises and keeps putting pressure on the supporters of the new organization.