19 February 2020, Wednesday, 13:41
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Belarus To Introduce New Rules For "Parasites"

Belarus To Introduce New Rules For "Parasites"

The amendments are stipulated by the decree of the Council of Ministers of May 25.

Belarus introduced changes for the unemployed population. The authorities have introduced personal responsibility for the data in the parasite base. The changes are stipulated by the decree of the Council of Ministers of May 25, № 333, tut.by reports.

We remind that Belarus introduced a base of those "not employed in the economy" on December 1, 2018. Those who fall under the decree to promote employment, and have apartments, will pay for hot water supply at full rates from January 1, 2019, and will also pay for gas and heat supply at economically justified rates from October 1, 2019.

Diplomats' families excluded from the parasite base

The spouses of those who have been appointed to the position of interstate bodies (provided for in international treaties of Belarus or decisions of relevant international bodies) are no longer considered as unemployed in the economy.

The spouse of the defense attachés at the Belarusian embassy abroad and the assistant defense attaché at our embassy have also been expelled from the base.

The Ministry of Labor has excluded from the database citizens who work in foreign or international organizations, based on information provided by these organizations.

The database of able-bodied citizens, not employed in the economy, includes about 500 thousand people, Minister of Labor and Social Security Iryna Kastsevich said last December.

In February this year, the agency reported that 425 thousand people had been left in the database. At that, the Ministry of Labor did not specify whether the statistics include those who have household plots and agricultural land, as well as those who raise children under 7 years of age (these categories are not considered to be dependents) in their calculations.

The Ministry of Labor did not publish detailed information on the number of unemployed in the economy by regions and districts, as well as the number of those who pay for utilities according to full tariffs.

After the launch of the base of the unemployed in the economy, "a lot of mistakes have been found, there have been calls from people who got into the base accidentally, employed and retired people were among them. As reported by the mlyn.by publication, there have also been cases when a person left the country long ago and is no longer alive, and he still got into the database of "parasites".

Military registration and enlistment offices to send data to the parasite commissions

The local authorities have been instructed to ensure cooperation between the military commissariats and commissions for those who are not employed in the economy. They are to provide information on the conscripted and sent to the place of passing the forced military service.

For this purpose, the terms have been established: to transfer the data on the called up and sent for service in February-May of the current year till June 20 of the current year; on the called up and sent for service in August-November of this year – until December 20 of the current year.

Personal responsibility for the data in the parasite base has been introduced

The authorities have also introduced personal responsibility for providing reliable information to form (update) the parasite base. It has been introduced for the heads of the republican bodies of state administration and other state organizations, subordinate to the government, chairmen of regional executive committees and Minsk City Executive Committee, as well as heads of other organizations that provide such information.

It is not specified what punishment is provided for inaccurate information in the database.

At that, some points of the provision on the procedure of classifying able-bodied citizens as unemployed in the economy have been marked "for official use only."

The resolution comes into force after its official publication (some amendments – from the date of its signing).