29 May 2022, Sunday, 13:46
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Panic As Indication of Reason

Panic As Indication of Reason
Andrei Sannikov

Do you want the truth?

One can see with the naked eye that Lukashenka and his friends commit crimes in Belarus every day.

It's not even about the introduction of quarantine, but the fact that people are deliberately driven into a fatal situation.

One can depict a foolish joy that our players and fans are forced to "football of death". That's who we are! We are not afraid of anything! But it is not a good will of athletes, but a conscious decision of Lukashenka and the slavish football federation. They expect no one will report on the deaths of players and fans as a result of these games. After all, one can make money on it.

It's hard to imagine that England, for example, could order to continue the Premier League Championship. The money of all bookmakers and fans would flow into England. The score would equal to billions, or even trillions if the top football league provided a show for the whole world. However, such a government could survive for an hour, not to mention the fact that it is simply impossible in the country where the sport is separated from the government and does not subordinate to idiots.

As the days grow longer, the storms are stronger. Students are forced to study, threatened with truancy fees, and then entire dormitories are quarantined, where both sick and healthy people are kept so that everyone will be re-infected. The social networks are filled with cries for help from these artificially created leper-houses, where it is even impossible to provide normal nutrition. This is not a quarantine. It's a typhoid barracks where few people have a chance to recover. It's just curious when embassies and governments of those countries whose students are locked in these barracks will react. International lawsuits are about to begin.

Well, the top of meanness is the army. It is quite clear that there will be no parade on May 9. Even this mad power will not dare to hold it, even if it survives. But it is still possible to rehearse this parade. Such actions can no longer be explained by self-interest. This is a conscious provocation to create an epidemiologically dangerous situation in the army using the slavish position of servicemen.

There are numerous examples of such criminal acts of the authorities. All this is accompanied by a large-scale campaign of lies and misinformation.

This disinformation can be easily distinguished today simply because this falls in line with the policy of destruction of the population of Belarus.

For example, it's been actively agitated that the dictator is doing his best to save our economy and therefore does not introduce quarantine. They also support it with fears that the gold and foreign currency reserves of Belarus have already decreased by a billion, hinting that these are our reserves.

Do you want the truth?

There are no gold and foreign currency reserves of Belarus. There is the money of criminals. They have not shared and will not share it with us. They would rather hide it in their pockets than allocate it to fight the epidemic.

Do you want the truth?

Both public and private sector could barely survive the collapse of the economy in Belarus. It will be a disaster precisely because the quarantine was not introduced in time.

Quarantine implies measures to support industry, entrepreneurs, agriculture, providing benefits and compensation for losses. In other words, quarantine means the state's responsibility, the adoption of an emergency budget, the spending of gold and foreign currency reserves on human needs. But this requires an elected government, not an illegal gangster formation in power.

Another thesis that Lukashenka's special services persistently promote is that panic is worse than the coronavirus.

Amidst the global pandemic, the situation in Belarus today is extremely complex. It's even worse than that in all our neighbours, precisely due to the criminal activities of the regime. People are on their own and take responsibility for their lives and the lives of their relatives and friends.

It is odd to hear how reasonable people reproduce KGB mess about the danger posed by panic. We have no other protection than the instinct for self-preservation.

In the absence of sane authorities means panic, fear, concern for one's health, for the health of one's family and friends.

This healthy instinct means caring for one's neighbour and measures taken by the most developed countries of the world with the most advanced medical science and the highest level of medical care. All of them are taking steps to curb the virus. Meanwhile, the regime in Belarus is doing its best to ensure the quickest spreading of the virus.

Do you know where the main danger of COVID-19 lies?

I'll only give you two of its peculiarities.

1. It's a new virus, which means no one on earth has an antidote in their body. Its spread will not naturally stop. It can only be stopped by self-isolation.

2. In the first 5-6 days, the disease has mild form. It is often considered a slight cold and people do not take appropriate measures. This means that a carrier of coronavirus, disregarding the recommendations, quarantine and the need for self-isolation, can contract hundreds or even thousands of healthy people.

Quarantine is not even about yourself, but about people around - your family, friends, acquaintances and strangers. Rejection of reasonable measures, reasonable panic is egoism that threatens the lives of other people.

There is nothing new in the actions of Lukashenka's regime. This power hates people.

One shouldn't help it and promote its propaganda. One should hold it reliable.

One can lie for a short time. One can lie to someone for long enough, promising something in return. But it is impossible to lie to everybody for a long time, especially since state lies threaten the life of each of us.

Andrei Sannikov, coordinator of the European Belarus civil campaign, especially for Charter97.org