4 October 2022, Tuesday, 2:59
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Lukashenka To Answer For Consequences Of Sanctions At MTZ

Lukashenka To Answer For Consequences Of Sanctions At MTZ

The regime pushed the enterprise over the edge.

Belarusian enterprises are on the verge of collapse. Sanctions pressure and mass layoffs of employees in all areas are finishing off the economy of the regime. The complete collapse in the management of enterprises, as well as the effect of sanctions, are evident in the example of the Minsk Tractor Plant (MTZ), which with a high probability may become bankrupt by the end of this year.

The inability to resist the sanctions impacted the workshops that produce power-packed tractors. The bottom line is that this agricultural machinery was export-oriented, and they purchased the best spare parts for it. As a rule, they were of German and American production. But because of the repressions and the dictatorial regime, the West refused to cooperate with the Belarusian enterprise, and imposed large-scale sanctions on Lukashenka's regime. So, MTZ was left without hydraulics from the German company Bosch, and engines from Caterpillar (USA) and Deutz (Germany).

The workers of the plant confirm that the energy-saturated tractors MTZ-3022 and MTZ-3522 are not equipped with Belarusian engines, because there is no Belarusian engine that would be efficient, unpretentious, easy-to-operate, maintain and repair.

There has been talk about the transition of energy-saturated tractors to domestic spare parts since 2004. But, as usual, the matter does not move beyond boasting and idle talk. Not a single attempt to produce something completely domestic was successful.

One such attempt was in 2016. As an experiment, a modification of the Belarusian D-262 engine was installed instead of the German Deutz in the most running, energy-rich model MTZ-3022, but the tractor worked in the spring and autumn during the sowing season, and then the D-262 broke down. The repair would cost as much as buying a new engine. So they had to restore the old Deutz one, and again put it into motion. The working tractor drivers also confirmed that it did not show the declared capacities. As a result, they silently and without publicity returned to the proven Deutz.

And if it were only about competitive tractors that need foreign spare parts. Even the old model that prevails in the Belarusian fields — the MTZ-80 tractor — is still produced on a Soviet-designed engine.

Modern energy-saturated tractors MTZ-3022 are also used in the Belarusian economy, so the availability of parts for them remains of great importance. Back in 2016, the Lukashists, in fear of falling under sanctions, divided into two camps: some shouted that they should immediately start developing the engine for these tractors, others said that this was not our niche.

It may happen that Belarus, having a powerful tractor manufacturer and 15,000 workers, can simply start buying tractors either from Russia or tractor engines at the price of new tractors. Or completely close enterprises due to unprofitability, and fully switch to imports, which becomes impossible under the conditions of large-scale sanctions.

This is another fact showing that Lukashists are not able to govern a country that has every chance to establish itself in the world market, be part of the European economic system and export products, earning billions of dollars for its citizens. In addition to personal ambitions and a pathological desire for power, they have neither the necessary knowledge nor experience. For 28 years of usurping power, Lukashenka ruined production, drowned enterprises and, accordingly, workers in debt. It is because of him that worthy engineers who could develop parts for once great enterprises are forced to leave the country. Our country has a huge number of competitive industries. And, most importantly, a great number of workers who are ready to work for the good of the country in order to receive a decent salary, to have adequate prices in stores. Under Lukashenka, the work of all enterprises goes only to line his own pockets. Getting rid of the dictator for Belarus is a chance for our great independent future.

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