5 July 2022, Tuesday, 19:32
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Bogdan Borusewicz: “We cannot finance dictatorship”


The Speaker (Marshal) of the Polish Senate, Bogdan Borusewicz is aggravated by the new attack of belarusian autorities against the Union of Poles in Belarus.

Comments of Polish politicians leave no doubts that severe countermeasures are to be expected. Irritation of Poles is increased by string disappointment by the fact that all their attempts to appease the Belarusian dictator, to establish new relationship with Belarus, close ties with Minsk have failed.

To the request of “Belarusian Partisan” to comment on the situation, the Marshal of the Polish Senate, Bogdan Borusewicz said:

- It is a serious question. We have such a situation in Belarus that cannot be called normal. We should do everything in our hands. We should maintain some contact, but the both sides are to work for that. There is an obvious deficit of democracy in Belarus. It affects our Polish minority too, and they cannot develop freely. These attacks, attempts to seize the rest of property need our reaction. This property had been paid by Polish taxpayers. Belarus cannot say that it is no business of Poland. We have spent millions of dollars to provide our fellow countrymen some decent conditions. There will be a reaction! It’s unacceptable for Lukashenka to play his game showing that if Poland would press some key, Belarus would be devoured by Russia. We are sure to press.

- Could it be said that Polish policy of Lukashenka’s appeasement is to be ended? Lukashenka’s tricks of the last year won’t deceive anyone in Poland, and tricks of the Polish policy do not work, do they?

- We would like to have a democratic neighbour, with which no problems would arise. But as soon as something is happening to the Poles in Belarus, we have to respond. There is a slogan: “Our guys are beaten!”, and it is the most used now. They are really beaten; it is not a story. So there is no trick in that.

- - Does Moscow send any signals to Warsaw related to Poland’s involvement in dealings in Belarus?

- No, we do not discuss anything with Moscow in this connection. There is nothing to speak about that, everyone has one’s own policy. We know that for many years Russia had been supporting Lukashenka, and a considerable part of Russian budget was allocated for financing Belarus. Everyone has own aims. We simply do not want constant problems with our neighbour to occur.

- So maybe Belarus should be divided between Poland and Russia?

- No, no. We respect national sovereignty. Each state has a right to choose one’s way. The policy of dividing the world into spheres of influence has become outdated long ago. We are just interested in stability near our borders, for that the neighbouring countries to develop well and be predictable. And suddenly we stable upon the problem of Belarus.

Belarus is a sovereign state, we respect sovereignty, but we do not close our eyes to the dictatorship. And it is impossible for us to finance dictatorship or foot bills for them.

- Is there a dictatorship in Belarus?

- I wouldn’t call it a democracy. If it is a democracy, I wouldn’t wish you or somebody else such a democracy.

Details of countermeasures by Polish authorities are not known so far. However, as “BP” was told by a source in the government of Poland, the issue being discussed is blocking financial aid from the European Union.