19 May 2019, Sunday, 12:48
For our and your freedom!

Tadeusz Gawin: “The country is filled with lies from top to bottom”


The founder and first chairman of the Union of Poles in Belarus, supports Andrei Sannikov as a candidate in the presidential election.

“All institutions of political power are destroyed in our country, the regime is not elected, but appointed, and it is not accountable to the nation. There are no mass media, the civil society is almost destroyed. The regime is controlled by no one. The best representatives of the Belarusian society have appeared in the political emigration. The first leader of the independent state receives a pension of one Euro. It is a disgrace of the today’s regime. Freedom of expression, meetings and associations is suppressed. Election results are rigged, and wide circles of the Belarusian society are involved in that. The country is imbued in lies from top to bottom. As a Belarusian Pole, I am indignant that the real representation and a mouthpiece of the Polish minority in Belarus, the Union of Poles, has been almost destroyed.

I am sure that Andrei Sannikov is a person who would be able to establish order in the country and untangle this total lawlessness. He is a man who remained true to the principles of the Constitution in 1996, who had been promoting democracy in the country for all this time. He can be trusted. I know him as an honest, normal politician, the one for whom we won’t feel ashamed, whose manners will be at the level of the leader of the state. We won’t blush for him.

If he becomes the president, I believe that the Belarusian language will have its decent place in the life of the state, and there will be no need to organize family pickets as it happened in Hrodna. And the Union of Poles in Belarus will become an independent organization, which would defend the rights of the national minority effectively,” Tadeusz Gawin said in an interview to charter97.org.