23 April 2019, Tuesday, 7:49
For our and your freedom!

Andrei Sannikov: “We will free Belarus from dictatorship”


The leader of “European Belarus”, a presidential aspirant, president has addressed his countrymen.

Dear friends!

Today I have handed in for registration the list of my initiative group. There are about 2,000 persons in it. First of all, I would like to express my gratitude to everyone who has joined in the election campaign and has become a member of my initiative group. Among you there are young people, who have always been in the vanguard of changes. There are elderly people, who are fed up with such a life, as they are robbed of benefits and doomed for a life of poverty. There are military servicemen, who are tired of being humiliated, and want to return their dignity. They are entrepreneurs who are gripped by the throat by the regime today. They are citizens of Belarus from all parts of the country, who want changes.

I do not want to conceal: it will be hard. We are to collect 100,000 signatures. But I am sure: we will collect them. There will be intimidation, pressure, and attempts to over-persuade people. Inform me and members of my team about all the cases of pressure. We must show solidarity. Today Lukashenka entreats of credits from the West and the East on his knees. He fears daylight, but we will make all these facts public. We will defend everyone who supports changes in Belarus.

I would also express gratitude to the reputable people of Belarus who have supported me. Firstly, Stanislau Shushkevich, the first leader of our independent state. It is a great honour that he supported me from the start and so impressively. Among these people also is the chairman of the Supreme Soviet of the Republic of Belarus, General Hryb, General Fralou, famous artists Ales Marachkin and Ales Shaternik, leaders of the Belarusian Popular Front Yury Khadyka and Viktar Ivashkevich, Academicians Radzim Haretski and Alyaksandr Vajtovich, and many others.

I know that we will win. We will throw off the dictatorship and will live in a normal democratic European country.